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Furnace Cleaning, Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance in Central MA and Northern CT

A furnace is the main component in a warm air system. Cooler indoor air is drawn into the return side of the furnace by means of a blower. The cold air is heated by flowing through the heat exchanger and then the blower pushes it through ducts. The warm air is released through vents or registers in your home, providing you with heat. New England has some brutal winters. You want to be sure that your furnace is working at peak efficiency to help reduce your heating costs. Call Michael J Williams, Inc for professional service on your furnace.

The 4 basic parts of a furnace system are:

1. A Burner, in which gas (natural or propane) or oil is delivered and burned.
2. A Heat Exchanger, where the heat from the burning gas is transferred to the air in the air duct system.
3. Duct work, used to distribute the warm air throughout the home.
4. A Flue or Vent Pipe, to exhaust byproducts of combustion outside.

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Furnace Contractors serving Webster MA, Woodstock, CT and the surrounding areas

All of our supply and return trunks consist of insulated sheet metal ducting. As a result, this is a clean, durable product that has proven to perform well and we do not use pressed fiberglass ducting.

Michael J. Williams, Inc installs and services furnaces to keep your furnace running efficiently we recommend a yearly tune-up. Michael, our heating specialist can inspect and tune up your furnace system. If your heating system is outdated it could be costing you a lot of money each winter. You may want to consider a furnace system upgrade. Contact us at 1-877-226-6548 or 508-949-0035 to discuss your options.

Michael J. Williams, Inc. is proud to serve Northern CT and Central MA including Woodstock CT, Thompson CT, Putnam CT, Killingly CT, Dayville CT, Brooklyn CT, Union CT, Eastford CT, Ashford CT, Sturbridge MA, Charlton MA, Southbridge MA, Dudley MA, Webster MA, Douglas MA, Oxbridge MA, Sutton MA, Oxford MA and Auburn MA.

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