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Boiler and Furnace Services


A boiler system is made up of four main compartments that efficiently heat the water in your home.  The compartments consist of the burner, the combustion chamber or firebox, the heat exchanger, and the apparatus which consists of three more plumbing parts themselves. When you have your boiler or furnace regularly serviced, not only does it extend the lifespan but it also aids in keeping energy costs low while maximizing output. Boilers can last upwards of 15 years should you have regular maintenance performed, and save you money in the long-run. In extreme cases, if you don’t maintain the “health” of your boiler, it can become dangerous and life-threatening.  Older systems and pipes can become backed up or corroded, leading to water leaks, water damage, and loss of water pressure.

Your boiler also shouldn’t make banging, clunking, or whistling sounds, as this could mean your boiler is overheating or excessive sediment is built up in the tank. If you smell an unusual scent, like burning, rotten eggs, or anything metal then this could be the beginning of a natural gas leak.

A furnace system has nothing to do with water, as it is a forced-air system that operates as either a gas furnace or an electric furnace. Gas combustion occurs when a substance reacts to oxygen and gives off heat. The oxygen comes from an oxidizer which creates fuel to heat your home. The forced air system in your home is known as the heat exchanger, which you can also find in a boiler system. You’ll find that a well taken care of boiler system will give off cleaner heat and offer lower household costs, but some homes just aren’t set up for this kind of hardware or radiant heat work.

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What happens during a Boiler/Furnace maintenance visit?


When you schedule your routine Boiler or Furnace maintenance, our experienced HVAC technician will perform the following operations:

  • Visual Inspection
    • Our HVAC technician will come out and take a first look at your boiler and visually inspect its current standing. We will clean and adjust anything on site that we see at an initial glance, and assess any signs of damage, or weakening of the system.
  • Functionality
    • We will then go in and do a more detailed examination while testing the controls and safety features to make sure everything is in proper working order.
  • Combustion Release
    • Examining the construction and functionality and route of your flue (which is the duct for smoke and waste gas from your heater to be expelled from out of your house).
  • Cleaning of the main burner, the heat exchange, the combustion releases, and the ignition pins.
  • Post cleaning of the compartments, we would perform a multi-point inspection that checks the following:
    • Flame sense device
    • Pilot burner
    • Thermostat
    • Boiler Operation,
    • Pressure/ Gas flow
    • Ventilation systems are operating effectively
    • Flue functionality
    • Controls
    • Wiring Connectivity
    • Safety devices
    • Final seals

Michael J. Williams also can provide repair services when your boiler or furnace stops working. Michael, our experienced HVAC technician, has years of experience working with gas and oil boilers and furnaces, so you can be sure your equipment will be repaired to the highest industry standards.


Contact Michael J. Williams Inc today for Boiler & Furnace Services including Tune-ups, Cleaning, and Repairs at 1-877-226-6548.


Michael J. Williams, Inc. provides Boiler & Furnace Service & Tune-Ups to Northern CT and Western MA including Woodstock CT, Thompson CT, Putnam CT, Killingly CT, Dayville CT, Brooklin CT, Union CT, Eastford CT, Ashford CT, Sturbridge MA, Charlton MA, Southbridge MA, Dudley MA, Webster MA, Douglas MA, Oxbridge MA, Sutton MA, Oxford MA, and Auburn MA